We have spaces available for the storage of hazardous substances, handling, loading and unloading of hazardous materials.


When it comes to the accumulation and storage of hazardous substances, we have the technical requirements adjusted to the deposit and related activities of hazardous liquids taking into account the regulations related to the area of the facilities, the necessary documentation, the distances between surface facilities and between their containers with the adoption of additional protection measures and systems, among other specifications.

The storage of hazardous substances is mainly carried out in specialized storage containers. in specialized storage containers. The main purpose of these containers is to store noxious and harmful agents that are a potential threat to human health. These containers are specially designed to store hazardous materials most effectively.

Advantages of Storing Hazardous Substances with us


We design the best strategy to comply with Seveso regulations.


Quality ensures customer satisfaction and corporate reputation.


Certifications ensure regulatory compliance and business credibility.


Infrastructure improves business capacity and efficiency.

Hazardous substance storage regulations

Some hazardous substances, in addition to having hazards of their own, are capable of dangerous reactions when in contact with others. Incompatible hazardous substances are those which, when in contact with each other, undergo an uncontrolled and very dangerous chemical reaction.

Article 18 of Law 31/1995 on Occupational Risk Prevention obliges the employer to adopt appropriate measures to ensure that workers receive all the necessary information on the safety and health risks arising from their activity, as well as on the applicable protective measures and activities. In addition, Article 41 of Chapter 6 establishes the obligation of manufacturers, importers and suppliers to adequately package and label the products used in the work.

Hazardous Substances Storage Manual: Official Regulation

The current hazardous substances storage manual and official regulations came into force in 2017, three months after Royal Decree 656/2017 was approved. This defines the technical characteristics to be followed by the storage of chemical materials according to the type of packaging, the product categories and the quantities stored.categories of product and the quantities of these stored.

The documentation required for commissioning, the maintenance plan, annual inspections or user training are also detailed and specified, among many other aspects to be taken into account.

For more information about the ITC-MIE-APQ-10 regulations you can consult Royal Decree 656/2017, of June 23, approving the Regulation on the Deposit of Chemical Articles and its Complementary Technical Instructions MIE APQ 0 to 10.

Pictograms for storing hazardous substances

All hazardous substances must include on their packaging a visible label on the hazards inherent to the substance and on the precautions to be taken in its handling. Hazardous substance storage signage is a set of symbols, pictograms, labels and signs used to identify and communicate the risks associated with stored hazardous substances. To store hazardous materials safely for both people and the environment, signage is crucial. The hazard class of the substance, the accompanying hazards and the safety precautions to be observed in case of contact or exposure are indicated in pictograms, labels and safety data sheets.

This label shall contain the following:

  1. Substance name
  2. Name, address and telephone number of manufacturer or importer
  3. Standardized symbols and hazard statements to highlight major hazards

The safety data sheet for hazardous substances in a warehouse

The safety data sheet of hazardous substances in a warehouse will be very important to know the technical characteristics of the product or substance that we have stored, so we will also know the quantity and type of that product that we have in our stock.

The safety data sheets have the purpose and raison d’être of to avoid risks when storing hazardous substances correctly.. For this precise reason it is of vital importance to educate all workers about the importance of what they are doing and that they understand the information on the MSDS before and during handling. In the safety data sheet there are written such characteristics as:

Substance or mixture identification

Storage, handling and transport

Substance Hazard Identification

Physical and chemical properties


Adverse health effects

First aid

Reactivity and stability

This information will be very important to be able to group all hazardous substances in your warehouse, classifying them according to their type and effects.