LDH Chemical Logistics

Quality Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy Statement

The objective of LDH Chemical Logistics, S.A. is to achieve the maximum satisfaction of its customers, providing the required services and complying with the established agreements:

Compliance with requirements

  • Quality of services delivered, with a tendency to zero defects.
  • Delivery of the agreed quantities and products within the agreed deadlines.
  • Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance with Health and Safety legal requirements.
  • Commitment to the nature, magnitude and environmental impact of its activity on the environment.
  • Guarantee the prohibition of drugs, narcotics and alcohol.
  • Increase safety during the activity, positively influence attitudes and behaviors.
  • ICT protection in the field of Corporate IT Services security.
  • Conscious and congruent commitment to fully comply with the company’s purpose, both internally and externally, considering the economic, social and environmental expectations of all its participants, showing respect for people, ethical values, the community and the environment, thus contributing to the construction of the common good.

Continuous improvement

To this end, LDH Chemical Logistics, S.A. continuously improves the effectiveness and efficiency of its quality and environmental management system, through the establishment of objectives that mark the steps to be taken on the road to improvement, as well as to mitigate environmental impacts. It is about achieving more efficiency, with fewer errors on an ongoing basis.

Involvement of people in the organization

It is essential that this Quality and Environmental Policy is properly understood by the people who make up LDH Chemical Logistics, S.A., so it is transmitted to all members of the organization, and must be taken into account as a general principle in all tasks to be developed.

Miguel Angel Lopez


Date: July 7, 2021