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Serious accident prevention policy

LDH Chemical Logistics S.A., in application of article 8 of the “R.D. 840/2015, which approves measures to control the risks inherent in serious accidents involving dangerous substances, its Serious Accident Prevention Policy aimed at guaranteeing a high level of protection of human health, the environment and assets, through the public declaration of the following principles, commitments and general objectives:

LDH incorporates security as an essential part of its business policy. The Company is committed through this serious accident prevention policy to managing the risks inherent to its activities to protect the safety of its facilities, employees and nearby communities.

For this reason, you have this integrated policy within your organization, based on compliance with the following principles:

  • Develop all activities in compliance with current legal requirements. If regulations do not exist, apply your own responsible practices.
  • Take into account industrial safety aspects for all business decisions and practices.
  • Apply control programs and systematic review of processes and operations, incorporating, within a process of continuous improvement, prevention practices and safer technologies for people.
  • Ensure appropriate training of workers and keep them informed about the serious accident prevention policy.
  • Keep authorities and the general public informed about the company’s security programs.
  • The company undertakes to direct its activities and services towards full commitment to compliance with the legislation and regulations that affect and are applicable to the operations it carries out and that may have a risk involving dangerous materials. To this end, the company manages dangerous products with a significant risk with the aim of reducing the risk of serious accidents to the maximum and establishes behavioral standards that set the guidelines for action throughout the organization.

The public availability of this policy makes it easier for any interested party to understand the organization’s attitude towards industrial safety.

The Management is directly responsible for its correct functioning and for ensuring its effectiveness, as well as for reviewing its effectiveness internally and externally through audits.

Polinyà, October 17, 2023

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