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At LDH Chemical Logistics, safety, efficiency and commitment to our customers are our fundamental pillars. Every job we do is backed by our passion for excellence and absolute dedication. With our advanced management systems, which offer on-line and on-time information to our clients, we ensure fully transparent traceability while accurately managing the operations entrusted to us.


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We have the services you need for the management, storage, handling and transport of your chemical products.

LDH Services

Chemical Storage

We store all kinds of chemical products, being aware that each part must work perfectly and must fit in with the rest to achieve excellence.

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LDH Services

Handling of Chemical Products

We handle all kinds of chemical products, taking great care of what we have in our hands, locating the product in accordance with APQ product standards.

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LDH Services

Transportation of Chemical Products

We offer an ADR conventional or dangerous goods transport service that adapts to each client with the greatest efficiency in time, quality and cost.

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LDH Services

Certifications in Chemical Products

We ensure the safety conditions of the storage facilities and throughout the process: loading, unloading and transfer of dangerous chemical products.

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What advantages do we have?

We are clear about the advantages we have when it comes to managing, storing, handling and transporting your chemical products.


Transparency improves trust and credibility in the company.


Traceability ensures rigorous monitoring of business processes.


Sensitivity ensures careful and responsible handling.


Efficiency maximizes performance and reduces business costs.


Mission, vision and values

It is framed within our long-term objective and helps us to make decisions in an agile and effective way to achieve our priority goals:

  • Live with customers in confidence and security.
  • Help and be optimistic before workers, clients and collaborators.
  • Creating brand value in the industrial chemical sector

We want to be sustainable, focusing on quality and people. Our objective is the change and adaptation of the same focusing on:

  • People: inspiring them so that they come to their work convinced that it is a good place to be and that they contribute and add their inspiration.
  • Services: having a service portfolio that always satisfies our customers and adapting it to their needs.
  • The Collaborators: creating a network that sees us as partners and friends in order to provide us with the necessary resources to meet our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Profit: rationally and honestly seeking maximum profitability for investors, but always taking into account the overall needs of the company.
  • Ecology: being clean, tidy and helping to redirect the situation with humility, but with determination.
  • Production: Getting the most dynamic tools that bring more and better efficiency to workers and company.
  • Quality: Our key is to know our customers well to detect expectations, preferences and aversions in order to provide them with a high level of service. By optimizing customer satisfaction we achieve total quality.
  • Security: We are firmly committed to maximum security throughout the entire process of logistics operations so that our customers can rest assured that their products are controlled and monitored at all times.
  • Commitment: We have a customer-centric vision and we are committed to offer you the highest quality service, with a zero-defect tendency. Customer satisfaction is a priority and for this reason we rely on the strict compliance of deliveries and receptions in terms of quantity and time agreed upon.
  • Innovation: We adapt to customer requirements and market demands, keeping in mind the new trends and operational needs of the sector. The constant training of our human team is also key in the process of business innovation, both in terms of ORP, handling and transport of dangerous goods or efficient communication models with its customers.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: We base our work model on business ethics, consciously and congruently committing ourselves to the integral fulfillment of the economic, social and environmental expectations of all our stakeholders. For us it is very important to show respect for people, to defend ethical values, the benefit of the community and commitment to the environment, thus contributing to the construction of the common good.

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