We have a reliable logistics warehouse for companies in the chemical industry like yours.


The storage and handling of hazardous materials and chemicals requires adequate facilities and highly qualified requires adequate facilities and highly qualified professionals. With many years of experience and our specialized experts, we have a reliable logistics warehouse for companies in the chemical industry like yours.

We have extensive facilities for storing and handling chemical products not classified as hazardous according to regulations, as logistic space. We are your venue for the organization of your space. The
CLP Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008)
sets out the classification, labeling and packaging of hazardous substances and mixtures.

Advantages of storing unclassified chemicals with us


Make the best use of the available space.


Have easy access and egress for carriers.


To have all the safety standards to protect your products.


Maximum flexibility for storing and transporting all products.


To have the best storage stock control.

Why have an integrated distribution logistics warehouse?

First of all, integrated logistics is understood as the organizational and management model where departments, processes and resources are coordinated to operate efficiently and in a coordinated manner. So you no longer have to worry about which logistics warehouse to choose, as you will be entrusting your stock in the hands of true professionals in the sector. You can trust us with all your products, as we are a fully reliable logistics distribution warehouse. We demonstrate on a daily basis that working together with a logistics company to manage your supply chain gives you flexibility and makes all of your company’s logistics processes much simpler.

Nowadays, all industries take care of their materials and products with great perseverance. For chemical companies, however, the need becomes even more noticeable when push comes to shove. Choosing a chemical logistics company as a logistics warehouse without all the necessary regulatory compliance and safety requirements could have negative consequences for the business. If you need any kind of advice, we have technicians ready to answer your questions at any time..

Functions of a Chemical Logistics Warehouse

There are different types of functions, and all of them are of utmost importance, as are the ones we are going to describe below. The functions of a logistics warehouse are crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain management, as well as to ensuring product availability and improving customer experience.

In logistics warehouses, it is important to be clear about when the goods are going to be delivered. What for? Simple, to manage your arrival properly and to do it as quickly as possible.

If you thought that only unloading the goods was putting them in your logistics warehouse, you were very wrong. After downloading it, it is important to check that it has arrived in perfect condition, otherwise it will become unusable material for you.

It is advisable to know in which section each product goes, and to optimize its placement depending on its characteristics. Time optimization is key, and so is ergonomics.

All of the above must be done quickly, yes, but always with maximum safety for all workers and their technical equipment in your logistics warehouse. It is advisable to carry out previous controls from time to time and periodically.

The goods that have been received in your logistics warehouse will have a destination, so the next step will be, when necessary, to prepare them to leave for their destination.

All procedures and all operations related to goods in your logistics warehouse must always be written down in a record, whether it is a paper or digital document. It is very easy for a product or package to get lost, so thanks to the documentation of its status, it will be easy to know at what stage or place it is at that moment.