History and Values

We are the cornerstone of your logistics project

LDH Chemical Logistics started out in the logistics industry in the 1950s, with a clear vision of providing storage, handling and transport services with the highest quality and utmost customer satisfaction.

Since 2003, the company has been passionately committed to the specialised logistics of classified chemical products, adapting to the various rules and regulations required by the industry. The remodelling and modification of the facilities were key to facing this change towards specialised logistics.

The Herrero Suñol family open up their first company and make headway with their business.
Their first steps focus on growth in the textile industry.
Conversion of the company's business to the provision of storage services for chemical products.
Modification of the facilities.
Customer-centric working methodologies are created, developed and applied.
Customer satisfaction established as the key goal.
Focus on the customer.
Commitment and quality.
Highly specialised team.
Implementation of new technologies.
We are a flexible and reliable partner to develop your logistics project with.


Our mission is part of the long-term goal of LDH Chemical Logistics and helps us make quick and effective decisions in order to achieve the priority goals:

  • Providing customers with trust and safety
  • Being optimistic with employees, customers and partners
  • Creating brand value in the industrial chemical industry


To describe our quest in order to operate and guarantee sustainability as a company while advocating quality and people. Our goal is change and adaptation to change, focusing on:

  • People: inspiring our employees so that they come to work safe in the knowledge that it is a great place to be and that they are adding their inspiration to ours.
  • Services: having a service portfolio that always satisfies our customers and tailoring it to their needs.
  • Partners: creating a network that sees us as partners and friends so that they provide us with the resources required to satisfy our customers.
  • Profit: rationally and honestly pursuing the maximum profitability for investors, but always taking into account the general needs of the company.
  • Environment: being a green and organised company, helping to redress the balance with modesty and determination.
  • Production: securing the most dynamic and efficient tools possible for employees and the company.


LDH Chemical Logistics holds ISO9001 and SQAS certifications and is committed to total quality in all its processes in pursuit of excellence and with continuous improvement as a model. Our key strength is knowing our customers well in order to detect expectations, preferences and aversions to provide them with a first-rate service. By optimising customer satisfaction, we attain total quality.

LDH Chemical Logistics is passionately committed to the utmost safety throughout the entire process of your logistics operations for you to have the peace of mind that your products are being controlled and monitored at all times. Our safety guarantee complies with all the legal requirements and regulations for the storage of dangerous chemical products, the transport of dangerous goods, occupational risk prevention and fire safety, as well as the legal occupational health and safety requirements and the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data.

LDH Chemical Logistics has a customer-centric vision and is committed to offering you the highest quality service with zero defects. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, so we strictly comply with deliveries and receptions in terms of quantity and deadlines. Our goal is to develop relationships of mutual trust in order to uphold long-term ties with our customers.

LDH Chemical Logistics adapts to customer requirements and market demands, taking into account new trends and operational needs in the industry. The constant training of our workforce is also key to the business innovation process, in terms of occupational risk prevention, the handling and transport of dangerous goods, and efficient communication models with our customers.

LDH Chemical Logistics bases its working model on business ethics, consciously and consistently committing to fully satisfying the financial, social and environmental expectations of all our stakeholders. We believe it is particularly important to show respect to people, defend ethical values, benefit the community and commit to the environment, thereby helping construct the common good.

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